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Research-Quality Geophysical Products from Satellite Microwave Sensors

Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) is a world leader in processing and analyzing microwave data collected by satellite microwave sensors. Our mission is to provide research-quality geophysical data to the global scientific community.

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AMSR-2 spies
Hurricane IAN

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2021 Upper Air Temperature:
  Sixth hottest year on record
  Warmest La Niña year ever?
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Microwave satellite observations come from three types of sensors: radiometers, sounders, and scatterometers. Learn more about each of these and their associated satellite missions.

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Microwave satellite sensors observe the earth daily. Find out how we use these observations to study the earth’s temperature, wind speed, salinity, rain rate, and more.

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Learn more about the scientific projects and innovative research that we conduct at Remote Sensing Systems using satellite microwave observations and retrievals.

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Storm Watch

Microwave satellite observations penetrate clouds, revealing many features of tropical storms. Explore our global storm-centric archive of these storms and see our microwave satellite retrievals in action.

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➢ 33+ Year Climate Data Record (CDR):   Air-Sea Essential Climate Variables (AS-ECV)